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The buffer and the stability of beer

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The buffer and the stability of beer

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:湯宸啤酒設備 Click:

Beer buffer, it is to point to in the pH range has a certain buffering capacity. The beers buffer capacity is to measure the size of the buffer capacity. This article mainly from the beer of the buffer system composition and buffer system from two aspects, the pH value of beer and buffer capacity, the relationship between the turbidity for trace analysis.

Beer buffer to a certain extent determines the pH of the finished product beer, and controls the variations in the pH of the finished beer. When beer pH from 4.5 to 3.9, beer microbial resistance increases, the non-biological stability, flavor stability.

Or beer wort buffer capacity definition: every 100 ml beer wort) (pH change 1 unit, consumed 0.1 mol/number of ml NaOH.

In the same raw material, the material liquid ratio and saccharification under water pH value, by changing the charge temperature, saccharification protein rest two temperature and temperature effect time, buffer material content in the research on the wort saccharification process parameters and the influence of the buffer.

In wort main ingredients of a given situation, the important factors influencing the wort buffer capacity mainly include water, plus acid and wort boiling time, and at the same time, the results shows that the greater the buffer capacity, the higher the higher alcohol content. The buffer capacity of wort have large effects on beer or alcohol concentration, to be implemented by controlling the buffer capacity of the wort for pH control of fermentation process. General pH5.0 acid water glycosylated effect is better, larger buffer capacity of the water quality for malt saccharification; The use of hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and lactic acid can improve the buffer capacity of wort; Full boil can make its buffer capacity will be reduced by more than 30%. Different varieties of beer to study the correlation between its buffer capacity and stability of beer quality. At the same time, puts forward the measures to increase beer buffer capacity, and the main source of phosphate in the brewing process is studied. Research results show that the buffer capacity and beer bubble, turbidity, stability and linear correlation exists between the aging speed. Increase the total phosphate concentration in the wort and beer, as well as the effective measures to improve beer buffer capacity, is one of the important means of slow beer aging.

In order to increase beer non-biological stability, in addition to reasonable make beer process, improve the shelf life of beer, you can add the corresponding phosphate maximize the beer buffer, and thus enhanced the non-biological stability of beer.

The buffer and the stability of beer

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective and powerful fungicide, stability in the beer industry has very important application value.
Stability of the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen peroxide and disinfection and sterilization principle
Hydrogen peroxide hydrogen peroxide, scientific name, molecular formula for H2O2, molecular weight of 34.01, colorless transparent liquid, soluble in water, alcohol and ether, and high concentration of corrosive, exposure to place, gradually decomposed into oxygen and water, the density of 30% hydrogen peroxide solution is 1.11 g/cm3, melting temperature 0.89 ℃, boiling point is 151.4 ℃. Have strong sterilization effect, in alkaline conditions, the effect is more obvious.

Stability of hydrogen peroxide is a treated with efficiency and stability of colorless transparent liquid, odorless, non-toxic, due to the synergy of hydrogen peroxide and synergistic agent, greatly improve the ability of sterilization, kill virus and speed, at the same time its sterilization effect more longer. Its sterilization principle is the use of reactive oxygen species strong oxidation ability, destruction of microorganisms in plasma, so as to achieve the aim of kill microbes and disinfection. Stability of hydrogen peroxide sterilization characteristics of broad-spectrum, highly effective, long-term, upon completion of the sterilization process, decomposed into oxygen and water, and does not produce toxic residue, need not wash with water, no pollution to the environment, is a kind of environmental protection disinfectant.