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The raw material crushing equipment beer wort preparation process

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The raw material crushing equipment beer wort preparation process

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Wort preparation process includes: the shattering of the raw materials, pasting, saccharification of raw materials, wort filtration, wort hopping boil, wort treatment process.

The purpose of crushing and requirements

The raw material crushing equipment beer wort preparation process

2. The principle of crushing requirements
Beer brewing in China commonly used material is barley malt, rice. Malt crushing principle is: leather case and not broken, endosperm fineness, and pay attention to improve the thickness uniformity of powder.

The skin of the malt shell as a natural filter layer during wort filtration, cannot shatter, should as far as possible intact. If crushing interloper, filter press too hard, can increase the filtration resistance, make the filter difficult, also have a breakthrough in leather case material easy dissolution, deepens beer colority make bitter coarse. Theoretically, endosperm malt crushing noon the thinner, the better, especially to dissolve bad malt, adopts the mechanical crushing method can make the inclusions in the process of saccharification maximum dissolution, improve the saccharification yield. But carefully also increases power consumption, the operation cost. The shattering of the auxiliary materials shall be as thin as possible, in order to increase the rate of extract of will.
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Malt and grain materials (rice, corn, barley, etc.) can very good solubility, after crushing and grinding quality for material in the process of saccharification biochemical changes, wort composition, wort filtration and the utilization rate of raw materials, have important role.
Theoretically, the fine malt crushing, which contain substances dissolve is more quickly and more completely, chemical and enzymatic reaction more easily, thus can get the best yield. In actual production, however, cannot be malt crushing too thin, because and malt starch particles with different properties, the malt crushing you just need to reach a certain degree.

From wort quality into consideration, wheat skin damage degree should be as small as possible. Because wheat skin in addition to the main material containing cellulose, there are a series of other soluble substances to enter the wort, such as malt polyphenols, bitterness substances, silicate and protein, these substances after strong elution for beer colority and taste will be adversely affected. Because cellulose is not soluble in water and almost not affected by enzyme and the effect of changing, so the wort.
Wheat skin resilient, mechanical resistance of mill roller, grinding is more difficult, malt is especially significant when moisture content is on the high side. Sell batch shoulds not be too fine crushing, because wheat skin may constitute a natural filtering layer. Such as malt crushing is too thin, can reduce wort filtration performance, even cause serious filtration difficult. Too fine, in addition, malt crushing material volume smaller, malt powder, tightly packed together, certainly will increase wort out and wash bad difficult. The use of wort filter press, wheat skin can crush a little thin, appropriately to maintain uniformity of saccharification is beneficial. Unless special wort filtration equipment, equipped with the grinding to powder, this crushing is not restricted by wheat skin pieces.

Wort extract mainly comes from the endosperm. Endosperm is mainly composed of starch and other carbohydrates and protein. Endosperm dissolve the composition of the material when the malt can be fully utilized. So, endosperm should smash the thin some, but not thin like flour, otherwise it will make the permeability of filter cell layer. Such as malt endosperm of internal imbalance, malt grain of the different parts of different hardness, to stick to produce mechanical resistance is also different, therefore, malt crushing is uneven.