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Beer equipment cleaning

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Beer equipment cleaning

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:湯宸機械 Click:

1. The automatic cleaning tank

Cleaning tanks can be done through automatic washing tank, wash the can opener has spray ball type and mechanical, or rotating type two kinds. Spray ball washing can opener is cleaning fluid jet to the head or upper part of the inside the tank wall of tank, and then along the tank wall cleaning fluid flows downward. General cleaning fluid can form a layer of thin film adhesion in the tank wall, so that mechanical action of washing effect is small, the main effect of washing by the cleaner chemistry (e.g., dissolution). The use of mechanical washing can opener can enhance or mechanical action. Spewed by mechanical wash tank cleaning fluid can direct injection each point to the tank wall, momentum for every place spray cleaning. Special spray ball radius of action of wash tank can reach 5 m, washing liquid flow after 60 m/h. General spray ball radius of action of wash tank is about 2 m, most about 12 m after washing liquid flow/h, the pressure of the nozzle exit should be 2-3 mpa. On to the vertical tank and pressure measuring point, in the case of washing pump discharge, should not only consider the pressure loss caused by the pipeline resistance, and consider the effect of high pressure on cleaning. Pressure is too low, the effect of wash tank radius small, the traffic is not enough, the jet cleaning fluid can not be full of tank wall; And high pressure cleaning fluid to form fog, can not form a water film flowing down along the tank wall or spray cleaning fluid tank wall bounces back, reduce the washing effect.


In the cleaning equipment is dirty and tanks for the larger diameter (d > 2 m), generally adopt mechanical washing can opener, by increasing the wash tank outlet pressure ((0.7 MPa) to increase the intensity of radius of washing and cleaning. Compared with the spray ball washing can opener, mechanical cleaning can opener can use lower cleaning fluid flow.

2. Cleaning of pipeline

Give full play to the mechanical action is the focus of the pipeline cleaning, in order to improve the washing effect. Because when washing line, flow state of washing effect is very large, slow velocity tube when the fluid is easy to be layered, suffer the effect of friction, the pipe fluid velocity from center to edge of velocity gradient (slow) change, it is difficult to wash dirt. In the pipeline cleaning, therefore, must use high flow velocity, to form a vortex and turbulence in the pipeline.

Washing fluid flow in tube diameter/mm/(m/s)

(within 3 ~ 4

(~ 100 2 or higher

Above DN100 1

With cold and cheerless lotion to clean, good washing effect, pipe diameter different requirements washing liquid in different flow pipe, see above.

With hot in washing, cleaning fluid, washing fluid in pipe flow velocity in a 1-1.5 m/s. Must pay attention to of CO2 and clean compressed air piping and its accessories, should be at least five times a year.

3. Heat exchanger cleaning

Heat exchangers and pipe cleaning in principle is the same. Heat exchanger under the normal working state, the media went into a state of turbulence. If use design flow of between 20% and 30% higher than that of cleaning fluid for cleaning, you can gain a good cleaning effect.

4. Equipment parts and machine wash

This device is not regulated cleaning mode, are able to quote according to equipment cleaning instructions. In soaking with hot cleaning fluid equipment (such as filter), shall make the tank to maintain positive pressure, to ensure that the cleaning fluid cooling when the outside air could not enter.

5. The hose to clean

Hose of washing temperature, and the cleaning time should be determined according to the requirements of the product technology. General rubber hose can only use alkaline cleaner, oxidizing acid detergents and disinfectants can accelerate the aging of rubber hose, make the inner surface of the rubber hose is rough, emblem of the crack. It makes hose cleaning harder, so should as far as possible to reduce the use of rubber hose. The service life of the hose is generally 3 to 4 years, due to the hose should be eliminated in a timely manner.

6. Roof parts cleaning

Jars of the top piece at the end of the cone (such as safety valve and vacuum valve, etc.) of cleaning is the weak link in brewery health management, should be paying attention. These parts in the tank should be cleaned to the cleaning process. According to the characteristics and design of components in different parts of the installation, select the appropriate cleaning method to clean.

In washing and sterilization of the ultimate aim is to make all contact with the product of the surface of the parts and equipment and survival of arms in no sediment, to ensure the health of beer production. Sanitary inspection is an important means of quality control, therefore, must also be related to each production link arms biological inspection and health supervision.