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Need preparation before home-brewed beer

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Need preparation before home-brewed beer

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:湯宸機械 Click:

Every work finished smoothly and optimization, need everybody enough preparation in advance, will have sufficient guarantee. From this perspective, everyone at the time of their beer, enough preparation in advance, is also very important.

Be well prepared: the importance of given brewer is very professional at the same time, takes a lot of work process, need according to the fixed steps, can only succeed to produce beer. So if you want to own beer, everyone must have enough preparation in advance, make sure at the time of brewing beer, have absolutely right operation, can successfully complete brewing.

What need to be prepared: in order to at the time of his beer, the successful completion of each work, guarantee is high quality beer brewed. Before you will have to be in the beer, the beer process, steps to make full understanding, so that at the time of actual beer absolutely correct operation. Also according to the specific requirements, ready in advance corresponding beer equipment, brewing, in order to guarantee brewing work finished smoothly and optimization.


In the process of brewing beer also should pay attention to the sterilization and cleaning:

Beer production process are exposed to the main equipment including mash tun, mash copper, transition boiling pot, wort machine (or filter tank), cold wort pipeline, drunk, beer cans, wort cooler transition machine, drunken mother added pipeline pump, beer, spill tank, filling machine and used in production all kinds of pipe fittings and so on. Cleaning is to remove the tanks, pipes and equipment as far as possible on the surface of the dirt. If cleaning, with incomplete sterilization equipment inside the remaining sense and biological breeding will weaken the effect of fungicide. Yeast and protein impurities, hop, hop resin compound and beer stone, etc., due to factors such as electrostatic effect, these dirt wall surface deposition inside the equipment, the equipment surface become rough, and provides the place for badge biological growth. When catharsis must remove dead creatures colony. Because of fungicide is suitable for surface sterilization, to internal live bacterial action is small, easy to cause pollution again.

1. Understand the basic steps of home-brewed beer equipment brewing. Many novice wine, do step by step, on the whole winemaking steps don't understand, don't know which steps is a key to wine, where is the need to focus on control, resulting in poor quality of wine, delay time, did not learn, wine or don't know anything next time. So if you're ready to wine, must understand the process, made it this far, know what should do next.

2. Understand the safety of the wine. Food safety is our focus, home brewed beer has a drinking problem after the case, so we must understand what wine before may bring beer security problems, such as the choice of container cannot use copper iron products, not the fermentation process produces large amount of knowledge such as methanol.

3. Know the common cause of the failure of the wine. Such as fermentation temperature control is bad to be harmful, do not pay attention to prevent oxidation will make beer, don't avoid light fermentation will let brewing beer color damaged common failure reason must know in advance, put an end to our wine also appear this kind of problem, this case sharing section there are a lot of wine case, can go to see the analysis.

4. Look at some home-brewed beer brewery video equipment. A lot of things we are all look, in fact, the operation was found with the text description of the difference is very big, this time we should look at the wine in advance of the video, video is more intuitive, more can compare with us of his situation, in this website video plate, offers a variety of brewing method of video, to study well.

5. Know some home-brewed beer brewed beer equipment communication platform. Because a lot of people doing home-brewed beer, so everybody together in communication, we should also be added to these platforms, ready to share our wine making progress, and found the problem, can in time, there are will answer for you soon, won't appear helpless.