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Hotel beer equipment fault prevention measures

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Hotel beer equipment fault prevention measures

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:湯宸機械 Click:

Regional brewery equipment maintenance mechanism is also called the mechanic pack. Maintenance workers to assume a certain equipment maintenance work in production area, together with the production operators to do daily maintenance, Tours of inspection, regular maintenance, repair and troubleshooting, etc, and is responsible for the complete district equipment intact rate, rate of downtime, such as appraisal indicators. Regional maintenance responsibility system is to strengthen equipment maintenance services for production, arouse the enthusiasm of maintenance workers and make the production workers take the initiative to care for equipment maintenance and repair work a form of good.

Professional maintenance is the main organization form regional brewery equipment maintenance group. Regional maintenance team will be entirely responsible for production equipment maintenance and emergency repair work, its task is:

(1) responsible for the maintenance and repair of equipment in the area of work, ensure complete equipment intact rate, rate of downtime, and other indicators;

(2) execute equipment regular check and regional Tours of inspection system, guide and supervise the operators to do daily maintenance and regular maintenance;

(3) in the workshop equipment situation under the guidance of the mechanic to participate in the survey, the precision inspection and adjustment, leakage, failure analysis and condition monitoring, etc.

Area maintenance group the advantage of this kind of equipment maintenance organization form is: at the completion of emergency repair are highly mobile, which can make the equipment repair idle time the shortest, and bench, when no one call on duty can achieve the prevention work and participation in the plan to repair.

Hotel beer equipment fault prevention measures

Hotel beer equipment fault prevention measures

Production equipment distribution should be taken into consideration for the brewery equipment maintenance division, the condition of equipment, complexity of technology, production needs and repair fitter's technical level and other factors. According to the above factors will be divided into several regions and workshop equipment, can also according to equipment classification area maintenance group. Running water production line equipment shall be divided in line maintenance area.

Regular inspection and precision inspection area maintenance team is working on plans, and rules of equipment routine inspection arranged in each shift time. In order that the work does not affect the production equipment was planned to check at the factory to arrange a day, and each class of routine inspection to arrange for production workers lunch break.

Area of brewery equipment maintenance work is important, we must do maintenance management, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Small beer equipment is more and more widely used, hard to avoid some fault happens, master maintenance ways is to use small beer equipment necessary knowledge, way below small make up to introduce the 6 kinds of maintenance after maintenance, suitable for low utilization, repair technology is not complicated, can provide spare parts, maintenance is not economical in advance, stop loss is the key equipment in low and simple equipment.

Preventive maintenance on a regular basis - had mastered the equipment is suitable for wear and aging degradation rule, can't stop in production engineering maintenance of the process of production, the kinetic energy production, automatic production line, and the main equipment in mass production.

Condition monitoring and maintenance - important equipment suitable for high efficiency, including process production or continuous production equipment and large, fine and rare and expensive equipment.

Opportunity to repair - applies to the degradation will not result in the production and quality accidents, but may affect the efficiency of maintenance does not need too long time, to remove the assembly, inspection and replacement of maintenance, overhaul item can be decomposed into the category of equipment repair.

Improve maintenance - apply to existing design and manufacture of birth defects, or had a greater influence on the frequent failure, and have defects and the cause of the problem, can take some measures to improve equipment.

Preventive maintenance, are generally yield great electrical appliances, high safety and reliability requirements of equipment, as well as the process and the key of the automatic production line equipment, maintenance free design.