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Beer equipment saccharification time long reason

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Beer equipment saccharification time long reason

Release date:2016-10-19 Author:湯宸機械 Click:

Leaching of beer equipment saccharification method: leaching saccharification method is according to the characteristics of the mash from beginning to end without boiling, rely on enzyme leaching function of various substances, before wort boiling still retain certain enzyme activity. According to the saccharification process whether to add accessories, can be divided into single mash leaching method and double mash leaching method. Among them in the single leaching method and material can be divided into constant temperature leaching saccharification method and heating leaching saccharification method.

1.The single method of saccharifying mash temperature performance. Feeding temperature at around 60 degrees, saccharifying one to two hours to heat up and the transition temperature of 78 degrees, filtering. The law not protein decomposition stage, so only suitable for wheat germ protein decomposition is complete.

2. Single leaching saccharifying mash warming method. Feeding temperature is 35 to 37 degrees, holding 20 minutes, and then heat up to 50 degrees egg protein decomposition. If the malt dissolution is good, also can be directly use 50 degrees of feeding, heat preservation for 60 minutes, and then slowly heat up to 65 degrees, 72 degrees of segmented saccharification, and then filtered to heat up to 78 degrees. The method is suitable for dissolving the good malt, particularly suitable for brewing malt beer and the beer fermentation.

3. When the double mash with mash after saccharifying boiling method pasting mash race after the mash, mash boil no longer, but directly in the mash tun, saccharification temperature required by each stage. Someone calls this approach "a m method" or "a boiled up saccharification method" which is not correct, because strictly speaking, pasting mash boiling should be called accessories "action" or "boil", do not belong to the scope of boiled mash. At present our country many use accessories brew ale manufacturers using this method.

The characteristics of the 4. Cook the saccharifying method is the part of the mash liquid heated to boiling point, then the balance with boiled mash, make all mash temperature by stages to achieve different enzyme action required temperature, finally achieve glycosylated end temperature. According to whether the saccharification process to add accessories, cook the saccharifying method can be divided into single mash cooking method and double mash cook method, according to the number of how many points mash, and can be divided into three times the cooking method, cooking method, the second cook, a cook.
Plus enzymatic refers to malt amount is less than 50%, average of 20% to 20%. Using partial barley, corn or rice double complementary makings, can add right amount within the mash tun or mash copper enzymes to speed the decomposition method of preparation of wort. This method can reduce the cost of raw materials, production of quality similar to normal beer brewing.

Plus enzyme saccharification method is used, in the case of malt quality is good, can further improve the use of complementary makings, reduce the production cost, improve the utilization rate of raw materials; In the case of malt quality is poorer, and enzymes in lieu of the liquefied enzyme source of malt as the auxiliary materials, can be used to improve the effect of saccharifying, improving the composition of wort.
Beer equipment saccharification time long reason

Barley crushing method, some 50 degrees Celsius hot water immersion 10-20 minutes, after absorbing water about 25% for wet grinding. Some use of roller grinding, barleycorn flattening, split, wheat skin basic integrity is not broken, proper thickness of powder. Some people use rice mill first peeling moderate crush again.
Use instead of barley malt should join glucose enzyme and amylase enzyme so as to ensure the normal continuity for saccharification and protein decomposition. The method of adding enzyme preparation is; Mash tun and mash copper water after full amount before blanking, stirring the edges are enzymes flash slowly while adding the mash tun, is added, and continue to stir for a few minutes, then. Glycosylated end, malt filtering finish wort components conform to the requirements in 120 min.

Saccharification time is a kind of reflect value containing malt а - amylase activity. It is in the "standard agreement saccharification method" is used to test, in maltose liquid temperature to 70 degrees Celsius, react with iodine liquid to liquid color from blue to iodine required time. Shorter saccharification time, said containing malt а - the higher the activity of the enzyme. Good quality malt, saccharification time requirements within 10 min. Saccharification time long reason has the following several aspects.

1. The raw material of barley embryo activity is weak, germination starting slow, slow leads to the formation of a malt amylase and less quantity, makes the saccharification time is long. Improper control of technical conditions, such as low temperature, ventilation, low strength, riling time shorter and less) will form the same less absolute number of amylase, saccharifying time longer.

2. Can't keep the moisture content of wheat grain in the process of germination, affect the adaptability of the enzyme, not only to dissolve the endosperm is poor, and there are also lower the number of enzymes, resulted in the saccharification time is long.

3. In the process of drying dehydration speed can not meet the requirements, in the case of malt high moisture content in the process of roasting coke, baked focal temperature and high content and activity and the department are restricted, passivation, saccharifying time so long.